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- confessing to being a slightly envious of one who " took the whole summer off last year" -for some time now ! finally got to retire,relax,restring,relearn,re-play;- and give a stack of MMM CD's a real goood listen. Awesome . on a summer night. an enduring volume of evocative brilliance.
james maclagan - 11 Jul 2018
Just wondering how you have been doing Mae? I was on you tube today going through some great songs, some from the 80's and 90's and came across "red clay hills". Well, back in...2004-2005 I think, I entered a contest on here, on this site asking me to describe what "red clay hills" means to me? I answered that it reminded me of PEI. The song and the painting both had strong ties to my home province and its way of life. I cherish your work,The painting I won from your contest,...I have it displayed at my cottage in western PEI. Hope all is well! Tyler MacDonald, chtn pei
tyler macdonald - 7 Feb 2016
Maa Moore is an amazing individual. She is a wondrous and refined vocalist in addition to being an astute lyricist. Her painting skills are magnificent. And she is a passionate environmentalist and a compassionate vegetarian. Mae Moore is a Godsend.
Brien Comerford - 16 Feb 2014
Hi, Mae I saw a painting of yours on Facebook and immediately liked it. I quickly found out that you are also the musician whose music I like so much! Discovered you in the 90s (wish I could find that tape!) and rediscovered you, more recently, in Folklore when it hit the airwaves. Listening to you online now on your website Thank you!
Carolyn Pisani - 9 Feb 2014
So excited about your East meets West Show!Love your style and originality in music and in art. YOu create colour and life unseen in the waters of your painings. Your voice and songwriting soothe the soul.You are a national gem.Shall we say an Emerald?
Catherine Allison - 6 Nov 2013
Fantastic Mae, your work is so rich and I love the texture and colours you're using in the sky and water elements. Wonderful to see that many featured in your online gallery have sold already. Wished I had visited sooner so I could get my hands on one! Probably more money in art than music! Continued success and all the best from your number one Cortes Island fan. xoxo
Greg Osoba - 25 Jun 2013
Mae: Have just enjoyed your gallery. Masterful use of colour. Inspiring captures. Enjoy much more happy markmaking.
Margan McLean - 8 May 2013
Love your work, you art and your music. Thank you.
Jason Inclan - 8 Mar 2013
My goodness, Mae---your work absolutely sparkles. Deb forwarded the link and I've just rambled through your landscapes----feel all full of sunshine and love. How good is that!?
Carol Munro - 17 Feb 2013
I am honoured to have at least five of your paintings on our walls. So beautiful to see your latest colourfull creations on your site. love you Mae
Debra Rice - 15 Feb 2013
Incredible, incredible work Mae. So distinct, so beautiful. Hope all is well with you! Kim on PEI
Kim Madigan - 2 Feb 2013
Greetings, from Gabriola Island Just beautiful Mae, I love the colours you've used, your rendering of light and sparkling water and how you have captured the joy of our wonderful west coast.
Ceilidh Kirk - 20 Jan 2013
Now THAT's talent. I have seen you perform several times in Edmonton. I have been secretly in love with your L'Arrivée guitars... those big boats of yours. I met you at Festival Place in St. Albert. Had you sign some of my CDs. You signed Bohemia when it first came out... you were at HMV near The Bay. Cherish that one. I recently took up painting with my brother-in-law Willie Wong. Google him... you would like his work. I am astounded the paintings are acrylic. I would have thought watercolour, especially for the water streams. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your art. Do you have prints for sale? (I guess I should just look at your "Shop" link, huh?) Congrats!
Yvon Loiselle - 19 Jan 2013
Mae - love your paintings, 'Eelgrass in Kynosh Inlet is stunning! Love those colours. I've enjoyed your book and of course love your music and your spirit. A forever fan, Carolyn
Carolyn Anele - 19 Jan 2013
Mae, These paintings are extra-ordinary. You've captured the heart beat of this land.Wow!!
Teresa Doyle - 18 Jan 2013
Thank you for sharing your art with us Mae.
Wendy McClelland - 18 Jan 2013
Wow Mae!
Colleen Eccleston - 18 Jan 2013
MAE ... You have the heart of a poet and the voice of an Angel. I've been listening to your music for 20+ years. In times of stress, or when I want to unwind or sleep, your heavenly voice soothes me thru my iPod. And hey ... I just found out you're a painter!! Very cool. I've always been a fan of Canadian Art (Group of Seven), so naturally I like your works, esp. "West of Skaha" (my new 'Desktop'). I hope to hear you live one day. C'mon back to Toronto! THANK YOU for 2 decades of outstanding music!!
Grant J. Downey - 21 Dec 2012
Nice to see a site for your art!
Les Quitzau - 4 Nov 2012
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