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(posted on 3 Oct 2014)

It is a beautiful day on the West coast of Canada....the sun is shining and the apples are ripening. To be honest, I am wishing for rain to come and drive me into my studio. I am planning my next show and all that I can tell you is that it involves great distances and involves trains. See you on the other side of a cloudy day!

(posted on 15 Jul 2014)

Hi there,

With the help of Anouk Jonker, we hung the show at Harrison Hot Springs and I am very happy to report that all but one painting has sold! The show is still up until July 31st, if you are in the area. I will be performing (my other hat!) at the Harrison Festival of the Arts on Saturday, July 19th at 1pm on the Beach Stage, with my amazing husband , Lester Quitzau. Hope to see you there!

(posted on 12 Jun 2014)

I have been focusing on getting ready for my show at Ranger Station Gallery in Harrison Hot Springs, a beautiful village about 90 minutes driving distance from Vancouver, BC. The focus of this show is, some of the special and sacred, places I have witnessed in British Columbia. I have attempted to capture these landscapes, these real places, in a way that they feel to me; what they invoke. I believe that the land shapes us. It is our choice to work with this energy or we can try and override it to our possible peril.

(posted on 19 Sep 2013)

I am getting ready to perform at the Artists for Conservation Gala night up on the top of Grouse Mountain on September 27. I am thrilled to be attending and witnessing the incredible art with partial proceeds going toward conservation projects all over the world. Check out for the schedule of events. I hope to see you there!

(posted on 10 Sep 2013)

The sun is still shining here on the West Coast of BC, on my little island. It is September and the morning fog gives way to a blasting midday heat...good for pulling me indoors and into my studio. I fuss, I clean, and I wait. What am I waiting for, you may wonder? Well, dear reader, I wait for the dark, damp days of late autumn when all colour is sucked from the earth and my canvas is draped in that darkness waiting for me to pull the light back and the colour with it. It's coming. For now, I sharpen pencils, clean brushes and count my blessings. Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful day, however it presents itself!

(posted on 24 Jun 2013)

It has been quite awhile since I lived in Sooke BC. I love that community, and so it is with great excitement that I am happy to announce that my recent work titled, 'Lagoon in the Great Bear Rainforest', has been selected by the three panel jury for inclusion in this year's Sooke Fine Art Show. The 11 day show runs from July 26th- August 5th. I hope to see you there!

(posted on 15 Mar 2013)

Okay, the sun is shining as I write from the Red Tree Gallery where I have been all day. I have really been appreciating the rain as it has been affording me time in my studio. A nicer day would see me out in the garden and my seedlings getting all of my attention.I am currently working on another piece from my trip to the Great Bear. I'll post a photo when it is complete...... in the meantime, pray for rain for me, please:-))

(posted on 16 Feb 2013) is possible that spring is fluttering down through the fog blankets and taking a foothold in my garden beds. I see evidence of this with the garlic shoots, the return of the hummingbirds and nesting of eagles. I am caught off guard, not ready and still needing more time in my studio. The lengthening days call me outside and my allegiances are put into question.....paint? prune? prepare beds? work on my portfolio? I pray for rain.

(posted on 18 Jan 2013) what I'm feeling for the support that is building for my art. I feel happy that my piece "Estuary at Kynoch Inlet" garnered $3550. for Raincoast Conservation Foundation to support their awareness campaign of keeping BC tanker-free. There is a possibility that we will be bringing the art on the road this spring, so keep your eyes and ears open for more from 'Art for an Oil Free Coast'.

Think with an open heart....and speak thr truth.

(posted on 8 Jan 2013)

I don't generally make resolutions, but I am putting it out there that this year I will be focusing mainly on my visual art, instead of my music. To this point, I have divided my time up between music and art, 70/30 respectively. I'm not sure how this will all unfold, but I trust that it will all work out.

My piece, "Estuary in Kynoch Inlet" that was given to Raincoast Conservation Foundation for auction has a bid of $3000.Cdn on it. The auction closes tomorrow night. Please click here to see the pieces up for auction.

I will be posting a new piece titled, "Into the Great Bear Rainforest", soon.

Thanks for your interest......keep letting art inspire you!

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